I’m a queso loving, weight lifting, dog-obsessed photographer who celebrates weddings all
across the US of A. (but mainly Oklahoma).

I laugh a little too loud, I’m pretty full of zest, and I’m damn good at my job.










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Makes us feel comfortable in front of the camera!!

Ashley Sunderland is really, really good at her job. Her colors are natural and clean, she is attentive to detail (like wild hairs and phones in pockets), and she is truly the best at capturing genuine emotion. My husband and I are not the most comfortable in front of the camera, but Ashley really has a great method of telling you how to pose, but then throwing in a joke to help you loosen up and unleash those natural smiles. My husband is a bit shy in front of the camera which makes it hard for a photographer to really capture ‘how’ he genuinely looks at me… that might make Ashley superwoman because she caught it on camera! She is also very quick which is always good with men involved. My husband commented that it “wasn’t so bad” when we had finished—probably because Ashley is super experienced, so she doesn’t have to drag you from place to place to find the good lighting. She knows what backgrounds and lighting photograph well and she gets straight to the good stuff! Photos mean A LOT to me which can be tricky because it can also make me very critical since you “get what you get” once the wedding is said and done. I can honestly say there are no worries needed with Ashley as your wedding photographer. I absolutely love our wedding photos! Better than I ever imagined.


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